Teis Semey portrait by Govert Driessen, 2020

Guitarist, composer and bandleader

Teis Semey

was born in 1993 in Aalborg, Denmark. After living his early life on a farm, Teis has made his way to Malmö, Stockholm, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. Teis is primarily a guitarist, band leader and composer, and has released two albums under his own name: Where The Fence is the Highest and Throw Stones.


“…A gifted composer-guitarist”

Read more about Teis here. Both albums are available on all digital platforms. If you like the music, consider buying it – digitally or physically. Your contribution goes a long way to support Teis Semey and enables him to make more music and art like this!

Teis Semey

1 month 3 weeks ago

Teis Semey

3 months 2 weeks ago

I am looking forward to playing these shows in the next weeks with Alistair Payne ❤️ Thanks @pynarello_music for inviting us!

Teis Semey

3 months 3 weeks ago

working out on a new piece of mine really soon to be out. One of these classic corona-split screen type things with string quintet and rhythm section. Really excited to release some heartfelt music for you all ❤️✨ you’re listening to Sun Mi Hong and Brodie Jarvie on dr and bass!!!

Teis Semey

4 months 3 weeks ago

dynamite mouth caps from dutch costume designer Bernadette Kijzers ❤️
August 8 I’m live in NL again!! With @guy.t.salamon in Amsterdam Olympic Stadium!

Teis Semey is in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

4 months 4 weeks ago

Brand new trio with @fuensanta.mendez and @martaarpini . Debuting in De Doelen through North Sea Round Town. Empty theatre but is broadcasted online to millions of excited fans. Catch in on the hype @nsrt010 ❤️ @ Amsterdam, Netherlands

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