Teis Semey

bandleader, guitarist, composer


To be named – 

April/May 2021

Throw Stones

Loumi Records 2020

Where the Fence is the Highest

TRPTK 2019


Teis Semey Quintet

Teis Semey, José Soares, Alistair Payne, Jort Terwijn and Sun Mi Hong forms a dynamic powerquintet that draws on the Nordic heritage of Teis Semey infused with his love of punk and improvised music.

First full album to be released 2021.


Teis Semey Trio

Teis Semey, Jasper Høiby and Sun Mi Hong takes to the trio format with dexterity and a volcanic passion. An explosive personal take on the modern guitar trio. 

Pássaro Migratório

An homage to nature and freedom. A folky warming trio fronted by Portuguese vocalist Vera Morais, supported by Bulgarian/Portuguese Hristo Goleminov on the bass clarinet and saxophone and Danish Teis Semey on mostly acoustic guitar.


Teis Semey XL

A tour de force of creativity. The Teis Semey XL is the collected extended family who was part of making the 2020 album Throw Stones. An 8-piece band with two drummers, piano, guitar, bass, horns and vocals + electronics.


Amsterdam, Netherlands



+31 6 44199349