Collaborative album in support of women's struggle in Mexico

18 songs by 18 artists from 11 countries on 4 continents collected in order to raise money for the feminist struggle in Mexico.

In Mexico seven women a day dissappear or get murdered. Two thirds of women will experience domestic abuse. Racism, sexism, police brutality and macho culture add up to a dangerous climate for women to fight for their rights in. The right to free abortion, the right to equal schooling, equal pay, equal opportunity for work.

As artists we are acutely aware of our international codependency for a thriving creative environment. The struggle for gender equality is fought both within and outside of our own environment.

We find it important to extend our solidarity and push for change globally. This album is a manifestation of that wish.

By purchasing this album you will participate in this struggle too. All money from this album goes directly to Fondo Semillas:

Teis Semey – Sometimes I Want Bad Things
Sun Mi Hong – Escapeism
Frederico Heliodoro – Every Tomorrow
Sanne Rambags – At Great Height
Giuseppe Campisi – Terra ca Nun Senti
Marta Arpini – Ortiche
Fuensanta Mendez – Listón Arcano
Jort Terwijn – Skúli
Guy Salamon – Dearest You
Chiquita Magic – Dale
Logan Kane – Case and Point
Isabel Cresco – Oscilo
Henry Solomon – Youuuuu Are
Gabriel Milliet – Quem Sabe
Shishani – Clean Country
Hristo Goleminov/Vera Morais – This is Just To Say
Brodie Jarvie – I Will Write You of My Adventures
Young Woo Lee – Childhood Song

released April 9, 2021

Thank you to every one of the artists participating.

All proceeds goes to Fondo Semillas.

Fondo Semillas is a non-profit organization focused on improving women’s lives in Mexico. We dream of a country where all women, indigenous, mestiza, black, young, migrant, heterosexual, lesbian, mothers, and students alike, can make their own decisions and have access to health services, a decent job, justice, and happiness.
To achieve this, Fondo Semillas supports groups and organizations of women. Throughout the past 28 years, Fondo Semillas has directly benefited more than 779 thousand women and 2.9 million more women, girls, boys, and men indirectly.

Teis Semey

Chiquita Magic

Henry Solomon

Logan Kane

Marta Arpini

Frederico Heliodoro

Guy Salamon

Giuseppe Campisi

Sun Mi Hong

Young Woo Lee

Vera Morais 

Sanne Rambags

Brodie Jarvie

Hristo Goleminov

Fuensanta Mendez


Isabel Crespo

Gabriel Milliet

Jort Terwijn