Teis Semey Quintet is a Footprints Touring Artist. Footprints is a 4-year programme to support young European artists and agents in order to improve the skills and know-how of new professionals in the music sector. Focusing on the social, ecological and economic aspects of artistic careers, Footprints aims at facilitating the circulation of artists in Europe. Read more on https://footprints-europe.com/program/.

Teis Semey Quintet is a selected showcase artist of InJazz 2021. Read and watch our showcase video in the November airing on https://www.injazz.nl/festival/teis-semey-quintet/.

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Mean Mean Machine 

ZenneZ Records 2021

Throw Stones

Loumi Records 2020

Where the Fence is the Highest

TRPTK 2019


Teis Semey Quintet

Teis Semey, José Soares, Alistair Payne, Jort Terwijn and Sun Mi Hong forms a dynamic powerquintet that draws on the Nordic heritage of Teis Semey infused with his love of punk and improvised music.

First full album to be released 2021.


Teis Semey Trio

Teis Semey, Jasper Høiby and Sun Mi Hong takes to the trio format with dexterity and a volcanic passion. An explosive personal take on the modern guitar trio. 


Teis Semey’s solo performance is an expedition into texture and form on the guitar. Through both original songs and Danish folk music, the performance opens doors into another realm. It can go anywhere, and it usually does. 


Forte Novo

A huge band that sounds even huger. This band collects many of the leading Dutch voices of improvised music together and foreys into nordic, slavic and original music. The sound makes one think of the jazz avant garde such as Ornette Coleman, avant garde brass band and punk music.


Amsterdam, Netherlands



+31 6 44199349