Teis Semey portrait by Govert Driessen, 2020

Guitarist, composer and bandleader

Teis Semey

was born in 1993 in Aalborg, Denmark. After living his early life on a farm, Teis has made his way to Malmö, Stockholm, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. Teis is primarily a guitarist, band leader and composer, and has released two albums under his own name: Where The Fence is the Highest and Throw Stones.


“…A gifted composer-guitarist”

Read more about Teis here. Both albums are available on all digital platforms. If you like the music, consider buying it – digitally or physically. Your contribution goes a long way to support Teis Semey and enables him to make more music and art like this!

Teis Semey


Musician, guitarist, composer, improviser and teacher. Denmark/Netherlands For more info: www.teissemey.com

Teis Semey

Teis Semey

1 month 5 days ago

dynamite mouth caps from dutch costume designer Bernadette Kijzers ❤️
August 8 I’m live in NL again!! With @guy.t.salamon in Amsterdam Olympic Stadium!

Teis Semey

Teis Semey

1 month 1 week ago

Brand new trio with @fuensanta.mendez and @martaarpini . Debuting in De Doelen through North Sea Round Town. Empty theatre but is broadcasted online to millions of excited fans. Catch in on the hype @nsrt010 ❤️ @ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Teis Semey

1 month 2 weeks ago

Now, to the pleasure of your eyes and ears only, the Throw Stones release concert is fully released as one big long fat playlist on YouTube!!

It was a magical show, and it felt really special to get to share the music on one of my all-time favorite stages.

Huge huge massive big very large thanks to Sun Mi Hong, Guy Tristan Salamon, Fuensanta ML, José Soares, Alistair Payne, Youngwoo Lee and Giuseppe Campisi who made the music come alive. And Attie Bauw made the music come alive on the CD. Johan Olsson helped me publish it on Loumi Records.

Thanks Frank van Berkel and Bimhuis for helping our music reach the ears of the pipo. Couldn't have done this all alone.
Long texts doesn't fit either FB algorhythms or my short attention span so let's leave it here. Most of all, thank YOU and YOU and YOU for listening and buying albums. That matters the most to my aging freezy nordic heart.

Big love from corona-capital of the world Sweden ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Teis Semey

Teis Semey

1 month 3 weeks ago

Heleen Berkhof and TRPTK made this cover art and it’s very a flattering portrait. The album is only slightly outdated. Is 2020 too much for you? For those nostalgic 2019 vibes, it’s on Spotify and for sale on TRPTK.com ❤️

Teis Semey

2 months 2 weeks ago

A somber moment from the Throw Stones release concert.

Video link in bio!
#bimhuis #jazz #sologuitar #soundscape #modernjazz

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